Gearing up for Fall & Winter

     As fall approaches it is time to start taking steps now towards getting your vehicle ready for the cooler months ahead. We feel that during the fall it is a good idea to have a bumper to bumper general vehicle check so that problem areas can be identified and corrected.
     As a general rule we recommend that you have your engine oil changed every 3,000 miles when using blend oil and every 5,000 when using full synthetic oil. Following this simple rule will help prolong the life of your vehicle.

We recommend you have a maintenance check on the following items:

Tires: As cooler temperatures approach it's important to have your tire pressure checked because a decrease in temperature will cause a decrease in your tire pressure. Typically a tire will lose 5 psi in the cooler months. In addition tread wear should be inspected to prevent against decreased traction which could be hazardous on wet and snow covered roadways. 

Cooling Systems:  You should have your cooling system checked to make sure you have adequate antifreeze protection. Your vehicle should be protected to a minimum of negative 20 degrees, keep in mind windshield factors do  have an effect on your cooling system. Inadequately protected coolant fluid could result in radiator fluids freezing.

Belts and Hoses:  Having your belts and hoses checked now is a good idea to prevent against untimely breakdowns in freezing weather. A broken belt or hose would result in your vehicle becoming inoperable.

Batteries:  Making sure your battery is in good condition is important because cold weather will cause your battery to work harder. In addition, battery terminals should be inspected and cleaned if needed. If your battery dies unexpectedly it will be putting you at risk of being stranded in freezing temperatures.

Engine Tune-Ups:  Tune-ups are a good idea because colder weather can cause your engine to be harder to start, this results in long cranking which puts more stress on your battery. This battery stress could be avoided by having your old spark plugs replaced now if needed.

Brakes:  It is important to have your brakes in good working condition because as winter and snow approaches the road way conditions worsen and brakes will be more important than ever. Brakes that aren't properly maintained could lead to rough or short stops that could cause unsafe slippage on the hazardous snow and ice covered roadways.

 *Doing a little preventative maintenance now will go a long way towards keeping you and your family safe on the roadways this fall and winter season.